Real artists, making real music, about real emotion in a real world.

Saturn 5 Records is dedicated to the production, promotion, and preservation of music that matters — Artists that are significant, enduring, and worth your time. The artists on Saturn 5 are the best songwriters and performers the label discovers in the worlds it inhabits.

Eliot Bronson in Nashville
Eliot Bronson in Nashville

True artists painstakingly create the music Saturn 5 Records promotes and supports. Our artists write their songs — sing their songs – and play their instruments. They do not use technology and an army of music technicians to hide behind shortcomings as singers or players, as most pop artists do. Our artists are REAL. (And REALLY talented!) How weird it is that this is unconventional and innovative.

So you might not hear them on mainstream radio in your car, but you will bring them into your heart because you will love their music … their songs, their voices, their fearlessness and truth. Each have a uniquely coherent, moving, beautiful, and artistic creation to share. These artists will become part of the tapestry that is your life.

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