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Turn Out Fine by Mike Killeen

Americana Artist Mike Killeen Releases New Single “Turn Out Fine”

Marking the one year anniversary of the release of his sixth studio album, Ghost, Americana artist Mike Killeen drops the evocative, reflective single, Turn Out Fine. The new song, written by Killeen during the global pandemic of spring 2020, searches for hope and companionship amidst a suddenly altered world, where faith is fading, leadership is failing, and there’s nowhere left to go. 

Killeen observes the forces both natural and man-made which instantly turned life inside out, while looking to both to provide meaning and hope: “There’s Tennessee tornados, And a virus going ‘round, It feels like spring’s been stolen, They say summer’s shutting down.” But in the end, with fine guitar strumming and harmonica threads, he knows, it’ll all “Turn Out Fine.”

Check out Turn Out Fine on your favorite streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon, beginning on May 29, 2020.