Kristen Englenz’s “Pray For Rain” selected finalist in 2020 International Songwriting Competition

“Pray for Rain” by Kristen Englenz, featuring Blind Boys of Alabama
Pray for Rain (single), Kristen Englenz, featuring Blind Boys of Alabama, 2020

Nashville singer-songwriter, Kristen Englenz’s song, Pray for Rain, is a finalist in the 2020 International Songwriting Competition. Recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the hit song features the three-time Grammy winning gospel group, Blind Boys of Alabama.

Voting in the People’s Choice section continues until April 7th, 2021.

Englenz recorded the song at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Produced by Ken Coomer, former drummer for Wilco, the song is the featured track on Englenz’s 2020 debut full length album, ingénue.

”Shelf Life“ - Kristen Englenz

Saturn 5 Records Releases the New Single “Shelf Life” by Americana artist Kristen Englenz

”Shelf Life“  Kristen Englenz cover art

Saturn 5 Records announces the release of Nashville-based Americana Artist Kristen Englenz’s new single “Shelf Life”. The single drops June 19, 2020. The song was recorded in Nashville by three-time Grammy nominee and producer Ken Coomer, former drummer for Wilco during the studio sessions for Englenz highly regarded debut full length album, ingénue.

“Shelf Life” features Englenz performing vocals and acoustic guitar, Coomer on drums and Nashville session musicians Ted Pecchio on electric bass and Joe Garcia on electric guitar. It’s meditative tone underscores the lyrical imagery of being frozen in place after a “break up”. It seems to have even more impact as the recent pandemic has left the world feeling immovable and disconnected. 

The East Nashvillian called Englenz’s debut album “a sonic wonderland” and Creative Loafing says, “Kristen Englenz shines…with a strong opening salvo.” Stomp and Stammer comments that “ingénue features strong lyrics delivered by an emotive storyteller…a talent with the drive to work as an equal with roots music legends.

Turn Out Fine by Mike Killeen

Americana Artist Mike Killeen Releases New Single “Turn Out Fine”

Marking the one year anniversary of the release of his sixth studio album, Ghost, Americana artist Mike Killeen drops the evocative, reflective single, Turn Out Fine. The new song, written by Killeen during the global pandemic of spring 2020, searches for hope and companionship amidst a suddenly altered world, where faith is fading, leadership is failing, and there’s nowhere left to go. 

Killeen observes the forces both natural and man-made which instantly turned life inside out, while looking to both to provide meaning and hope: “There’s Tennessee tornados, And a virus going ‘round, It feels like spring’s been stolen, They say summer’s shutting down.” But in the end, with fine guitar strumming and harmonica threads, he knows, it’ll all “Turn Out Fine.”

Check out Turn Out Fine on your favorite streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon, beginning on May 29, 2020.

ingénue, Kristen Englenz, 2020

Kristen Englenz Releases Full-length Album, ”ingénue,“ Produced by Grammy Nominated Ken Coomer (Wilco)

ingénue, Kristen Englenz, 2020
ingénue, Kristen Englenz, 2020

Saturn 5 Records announces the release of the Americana album “ingénue” by Nashville singer-songwriter Kristen Englenz. The album drops on all platforms February 28, 2020.

Three-time Grammy nominee and former Wilco drummer Ken Coomer produced the full-length debut album recorded at Cartoon Moon Studios in Nashville.

The nine-song collection floats through a mosaic of genres while embracing each in an Americana vibe. The tongue-in-cheek wittiness of folk-pop “Got Me With Goodbye,” the electrified bluesy rocker “Rebound,” and the Tom Waits-like ballad “Oh, Evenin’ Star,” each accompanies Englenz on her journey to unravel the complexity of modern life. Her Dylanesque gospel-like “Pray for Rain” features the five-time Grammy-winning Blind Boys of Alabama.

Throughout, there is a feel of uncertain innocence which Coomer’s artful production teases out of Englenz’s subtle Southern twang. It is an album best heard in its entirety. Coomer’s intuitive drumming supports the narrative in each track from the soft jazzy feel of “Georgia Peach” to the rock and roll beat of “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” to the defiant snare in “Rebound.” Nashville’s finest session musicians, Ted Pecchio, Jason “Slim” Gambill, Robbie Crowell, and Joe Garcia, provide inspired musical interpretations song-to-song.

“Globe in My Room,” the evocative final track of ingénue features Englenz performing bird calls. Englenz attributes her melodies as partly inspired by the natural world, which she combines with her interest in environmental activism in her popular web series “Caterwauling with Kristen” where she mimics birdcalls and teaches about avian species.

Englenz appeared live on Paste Studio Atlanta performing three songs from the new album. She frequently plays at multiple Nashville venues including The 5 Spot, The Basement, and The Bowery Vault as well as at the famed Eddie’s Attic in her hometown of Decatur, Georgia. She has opened for the Blind Boys of Alabama. Her songs have appeared on compilation albums for Amplify My Community, a nonprofit organization using music to defeat homelessness, along with those of R.E.M., Drive-By Truckers, Widespread Panic and many more.

Englenz was recently signed by Atlanta, Georgia-based indie label, Saturn 5 Records. Her tour in support of the album begins February 29, 2020, at Bowery Vault in Nashville. for dates, times and more information.

Shot of Kristen Englenz in her music video of Rebound

Saturn 5 Records Releases Single “Rebound” by Nashville Artist Kristen Englenz

”Rebound“ by Kristen Englenz
Rebound (single), Kristen Englenz

Saturn 5 Records announces the release of Kristen Englenz’s newest video, “Rebound”. The sweet revenge, bluesy rocker comes on the heels of Englenz’s release of videos for two other singles from her upcoming album, ingénue.

The video is directed and produced by Eric Englert who has camera credits on popular series such as Queer Eye, Married to Jonas, Bridezilla, and Man vs. Food, among others.  Englert also directed Kristen’s first video, “Got Me With Goodbye”. Englenz and Englert have something in common-they are siblings.

“It was really very special working with my brother on these projects. He knows me as well as anyone else and in particular, what these songs mean to me. And we had a blast!” says Englenz.

The one, continuous shot video also features Atlanta musicians who have played with Englenz: Colin Agnew, Matthew Pendrick and Robby Handley.

“I love the tongue in cheek ending,” says Englenz. “We go into relationships thinking they are the real thing. When you are the rebound, you suddenly understand, it wasn’t. The ending chuckles at that ‘seeing is believing’ concept as bit!”

Watch the video here and see for yourself! 

Rebound, Kristen Englenz

Saturn 5 Records Releases Single “Rebound” by Nashville Artist Kristen Englenz

”Rebound“ by Kristen Englenz
Rebound (single), Kristen Englenz

Saturn 5 Records announces the release of the single “Rebound” by Nashville singer-songwriter Kristen Englenz. “Rebound drops on all platforms January 31, 2020. It comes on the heels of Englenz’s positively received single “Pray For Rain,” featuring five-time Grammy winners the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Three time Grammy nominee and former Wilco drummer Ken Coomer, produced the new single and Englenz’s upcoming full-length debut album, ingénue. The album drops February 28, 2020.

“Rebound” unravels the raw emotions one experiences after realizing a new relationship is nothing more than a band-aid for a previous lover. Englenz’s passionate vocals transports one through the intensifying stages of betrayal. The stinging lyrics are underscored by Nashville musicians Jason “Slim” Gambill and Joe Garcia’s powerful guitars and Coomer’s heavy rock drums. The listener is left on the hook as much as the lover.  The lilith track also features Englenz on electric guitar and Ted Pecchio’s punchy electric bass.

Roots music journal No Depression called Englenz’s music “stream of consciousness Beat poetry imbued with good-down-home Southern sensibility.” And Stomp and Stammer said, “There is a stirring intimacy to these performances that holds you in their grasp.”

Kristen Englenz video still in Pray for Rain music video

Vevo Premieres “Pray for Rain” Official Video Featuring The Blind Boys of Alabama

Like the timeless classic Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind”, Kristen Englenz’s “Pray For Rain” featuring the Blind Boys of Alabama searches for answers by questioning. Englenz’s hypnotic plea for understanding of an everchanging world finds solace in the warm, time-weathered voices of the Blind Boys answer of inspiration and uplifting prayer.

The video features the Blind Boys of Alabama recording in legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Especially poignant are footage of Jimmy Carter, the sole remaining survivor of the original Blind Boys, singing spontaneous riffs.  Ken Coomer, who produced the recording, felt these moments were so special, they did not need instrumentation behind it. The single has become an instant favorite and as SoundBites Kristopher Weiss says, deserves to be on repeat.

Michael Killeen headshot

Mike Killeen’s Latest Album “Ghost” Receives Rave Reviews

Ghost, Mike Killeen, 2019
Ghost, Mike Killeen, 2019

May 2019 marked the release of Mike Killeen’s fifth studio album, GhostProduced by three-time Grammy-nominated drummer, Ken Coomer (Wilco/Uncle Tupelo) in his Cartoon Moon Studios in Nashville, the nine-song album has received praise and kudos from music reviewers. Jeff Clark’s Stomp and Stammer remarked that this album served to showcase Killeen’s smooth vocals with a rootsy rock vibe. In a song by song review, Atlanta Music Grapevine extolled the virtues of the album’s musical structure and integrity. “It is not necessary to know much about Mike or already be invested in his music to immediately take a shine to this record. The song structure philosophy Mike and Ken chose — serving each song over soloing and pushing melody over unnecessary adornment — still has a focus on sonic depth, with interesting layers in every song. The overall effect is one of great balance, a cohesive mix, with music and words upfront rather than any detours focused on any one player. Across much of the album, there is a gentle wash of delay, reverb, and tremolo, giving it an atmospheric, ethereal quality and vocals that feel both big yet intimate.”

Chicago Crowd Surfer may have summed Ghost up best as a “luminescent record.”

Killeen is on tour and writing new songs. Tour schedule can be found at The Ghost album, in CD and vinyl can be purchased at Saturn 5 Record’s online store or on your favorite music platform.

Paste Studio with Kristen Englenz and Blind Boys of Alabama

Englenz Featured on Paste Live Studio Sessions Joined by Blind Boys of Alabama for Live Rendition of “Pray For Rain”

Paste Studios Atlanta was the site for the first live performance of Kristen Englenz’s new single, “Pray For Rain” featuring the Blind Boys of Alabama. Englenz started the three-song set with “Got Me With Goodbye” the first single released from her upcoming debut album, ingénue. A slapping version of the soon-to-be-released single, “Rebound” followed. Englenz was joined by band members Colin Agnew on drums, Robbie Handley on bass and Trevor Woodward on electric. Paste’s Andy Coombs conducted between-song interviews with Englenz. A surprise visit by guests Blind Boys of Alabama ended the set with a soulful “Pray For Rain” live rendition. The entire 18-minute interview can be seen here. Each song has been placed on Daytrotter and can be viewed here.  If you are a fan (and how could you not be!) here is the full 18-minute session. Less time than it takes to get a Popeye Chicken Sandwich.

Listen to the Paste Podcast featuring the 10 best albums of 2019.

Kristen Englenz with the Blind Boys of Alabama

Saturn 5 Records is Proud to Announce the Single “Pray For Rain” by Kristen Englenz Featuring the Blind Boys of Alabama Is Released Today

“Pray for Rain” by Kristen Englenz, featuring Blind Boys of Alabama
Pray for Rain (single), Kristen Englenz, featuring Blind Boys of Alabama

Saturn 5 Records announces the release of the single “Pray For Rain” by Nashville singer-songwriter Kristen Englenz performed with the Blind Boys of Alabama. The single drops TODAY on all platforms November 15, 2019. The single and Englenz’s upcoming full length debut album, ingénue, were recorded by Grammy nominee and producer Ken Coomer, former drummer of Wilco. The album is slated for release February 28, 2020.

Roots music journal No Depression called Englenz’s music “stream of consciousness Beat poetry imbued with good-down-home Southern sensibility.” And Stomp and Stammer said, “There is a stirring intimacy to these performances that holds you in their  grasp.”

Recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, “Pray For Rain” features Englenz’s soulful melody accompanied by moving vocals of five-time Grammy-winning Blind Boys of Alabama. Their voices blend in an awe-inspiring juxtaposition of youth searching for wisdom which only comes with time.

Coomer feels that “Pray For Rain” is a song that needs to be heard. He said, “like Michael Stipe letting everyone figure out what your songs are about, the song is for individual interpretation. It’s genius.” For Coomer, the lyrics encourage one to not be stuck, to find the light at the end of the darkness. “This song speaks to me to keep moving, keep trying to make things better.”

For Englenz, recording with the Blind Boys was a dream come true. “Recording at FAME with its history and iconic music legends felt like an unworldly experience,” relates Englenz. “The ending is so special. It’s like a prayer!”

Besides Englenz on acoustic guitar and vocals, Coomer plays percussion on the track. Ted Pecchio plays electric bass, Jason “Slim” Gambill and Joe Garcia play electric guitar and Robbie Crowell rounds out some of Nashville’s finest session musicians with his keyboard work.